Barbara Thomas

Glimpse Into Another Reality

Prints Available

Out of gratitude to the angels that have guided my painting and writing I would like to offer poster-size prints of 3 of my paintings for free. Pay only the cost of shipping, $10. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing your order.

Use this link to request a print and pay with Paypal. Please send $10 and be sure to mention which print you want, in the note field.

Alternatively, send an email to request a print, and pay by check.


Divine Feminine

Image size: 10″x19.5″

Poster size: 19″x25″










Image size: 15.5″x19.5″

Poster size: 19.5″x25″






Guardian Angel

Image size: 16.5″x19.5″

Poster size: 19.5″x25″






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  • About Barbara

    Barbara portrait

    Barbara is an elder,
    an artist in Life, Color
    and Words. She is guided
    by a team of Lady Angels
    in charge of healing the
    Feminine in Women and
    Intuition in Men.

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