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Thank you for visiting my website.

I created it to share the pictures and stories the angels and elementals on my land have given to me.

My name, Barbara, means ‘child of nature’. I can see Spirit has been guiding me to relate with nature in many ways.  When I was 60, my husband and I moved to the heart of the redwood forest on the central coast of California. There is a special piece of land on our property called The Amphitheater, where the veil between worlds is very thin. I have walked to the Amphitheater more than 6000 times and have connected with some of the nature spirits who live on my land. The Council of Gnomes writings come from these connections. You can read about these in the Blog.

Healing Burned WomanThere are two special Beings that guide my painting and my writing. One is a Angel the other is a Gnome. One night my angel gave me the words to the book I have published, The Burned Woman. 15 years later I created a DVD, Healing Burned Woman, which expands upon Burned Woman’s story to tell the story of how nature and her non-physical beings in co-creation with humans can heal together from the burning times.

As a child I always wanted to paint like my aunt Carolyn and cousin Pat. Since I couldn’t draw, I thought I could not paint. When I was 30 I read, “If you have a strong desire to do something, God has also given you the ability.” I decided to find a teacher to teach me how to paint. That was the beginning of a 55 year, non-stop exploration of color and shape that creates form.

Barbara with paintingsSoon I started seeing gnomes in the mountains I painted, faces in a bowl of fruit, angels showed up in clouds and trees. This was all a mystery to me and stimulated my curiosity and interest. I met people who could see the non-physical world of angel and gnome and learned that my life was filled with these beings.  I continued to paint energetic paintings of color and shape with no goal to paint an angel or elemental, and they kept showing up. I call this ‘A Glimpse into Another Reality’. I am happy to share these paintings with you.

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    Barbara is an elder,
    an artist in Life, Color
    and Words. She is guided
    by a team of Lady Angels
    in charge of healing the
    Feminine in Women and
    Intuition in Men.

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