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Healing Burned Woman

Whether from Personal memories and experiences or subliminal input from the collective consciousness, we all have a Burned Woman inside of us who has been shut down by fear of criticism, judgment, condemnation, fear, betrayal.

The 300 years of inquisition when millions were killed for having power. for being intuitive, a healer, midwife, teacher, a mystic, in touch with the non-physical worlds.

This shadow and fear of being different, standing out for being a sensitive burdens and hampers many of us.

It is time to Heal the Burned Woman inside so we can each stand forth in our power and offer our gifts to the world, to be open to owning and using our gifts to heal ourselves, humanity and the world.


The Burned Woman

The Book © 1999

“This is truly a work of art.  It’s simple and elegant, yet significant and profound in its message.”

In some way many of us have experienced her story in this life or another. She was betrayed by those she loved, healed and served. They tied her to her tree and burned her. With Angelic intervention, although badly burned she didn’t die. In total disbelief that her friends could do this to her she made the monumental ‘heart choice’ to remain an active healing presence in the life of her community and nature.

THE STORY: Barbara woke up hearing the words “there once was a time a horrible time, there once was a time a horrible time” being repeated over and over. She went to her computer, wrote those words and line by line the story of Burned Woman was given to her.

THE PICTURES: While writing the story she saw pictures she had painted 30 years earlier that all illustrated the story. More…



Healing Burned Woman

The DVD © 2011

Healing Burned Woman is a pictoral expression of original art in 4 chapters, illustrated with Barbara’s paintings inspired years earlier which served to teach and awaken her to the world of Angel and Elemental.

CHAPTER #1 BURNED WOMAN’S STORY  Many women and men have a Burned Woman inside of us. The fear released during the Inquisition when millions of people were killed is still present today within personal and collective memory. Burned Woman’s story calls for us to make a conscious choice to release the old patterns of hatred and fear and to build a new life so we may heal ourselves, heal humanity and the earth.

CHAPTER #2  BARBARA’S STORY names her concern that Nature is suffering for lack of interaction with humans. She invites those who are sensitive to the invisible realms of heaven and earth. Inviting each to honor, accept, and use their SPIRITUAL gifts to enhance their lives, their worlds and build bridges between the physical and non-physical realms.

CHAPTER #3 NATURE’S STORY shares her experiences with the nature spirits that live on her land, the angel guidance she has receive and the request of the gnomes “to simply say hello.” During the Burning Times they lost their human partners. They became afraid of humans and retreated from the surface of the earth. Now, they want to build a respectful relationship with harmonious humans. They want to be recognized and acknowledged as the source of all food, shelter, clothing, the beauty of nature, the freshness of air, in essence everything we need to live on earth.

CHAPTER #4 HEALING AND AWARENESS CIRCLE is a full program to be used exactly as presented for awareness of our spiritual gifts. The Program is designed to include, movement, questions, sharing, intentions, art, and prayer for the world. This creates a balanced experience that can bring awareness and healing. The Program can be adapted by creating different questions. More…



Barbara offers a workshop to create the opportunity for Awareness and Ah Ha’s, so we can each make a choice for new actions and attitudes that will bring change into our lives, to stand in our power honest, open and free, to shine as our natural wonderful selves. The program uses Barbara’s DVD Healing Burned Woman including circle dance, singing, pastel drawings, and awareness questions.

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