Barbara Thomas

Glimpse Into Another Reality

Barbara’s Story

Excerpts from a Miography with Moe Ross.

A Bridge Between the Ages

Touching the Sacred with the Woman on the Mountain…

…When I was born
I came in totally unconscious
of the spirit realm
and of the inner life of spirit.
The purpose of my life is to wake up
so that
when I die I am embodying
the consciousness of the next age…

There are not many days now when she doesn’t walk with awareness of ANGELS AND NATURE SPIRITS.

Barbara Thomas lives in the more subtle, delicate realms of existence now. She was born in 1927. She lives on a mountain in the forest near a circle of the big trees in Northern California. Her husband, Jim, lives deep in her heart in memories. Her children and friends touch in with her, wanting at times to pierce the veil between their busy lives and her quieter rhythms. She travels to foreign countries pulling her deep purple suitcase, drives down the winding mountain road to classes that call her and she often sleeps in her chapel-like art studio that sits nobly in the forest inviting the morning mist to cast shadows on the paintings that seem to flow more from her own center than any paint brush.

It is clear that not everyone is comfortable in these more subtle realms. Barbara knows that. She doesn’t try to accommodate any feelings of awkwardness. She is not one to fill in any gaps of silence or missed details. She no longer seems to pay attention to the personalities that require and reach out for recognition of accomplishment.

Barbara would rather teach you how to clarify butter on the night of the full moon; she would rather sit with you as you choose your own napkin ring or coffee cup and gaze into the fire. She’s not ambitious for you or for herself in any traditional sense. Barbara is not going to root for you to be all you can be and do all you can do. She is however, going to hold you in the knowing that your life has a purpose and that you matter. She wants you to feel loved.

… I learned a life lesson from when one of the teachers said— I am going to say a lot of things that you won’t understand. I would encourage you to put it on an open shelf and don’t throw it in the wastebasket right away. Later you will either think–oh yes, I can take it off of the shelf and incorporate this in my life. Or, you might think— oh no, this is not on my path and then you can throw it in the wastebasket. Just give new information space…

…I heard a voice inside my head say
“Barbara, are you willing to die?”
I thought about it.
I had always thought I was going to live to be a healthy 80 year old.
If I had done my work….. Yes, I would be willing to die.
Then the voice said….
“So that I can live ?”
That was the beginning of that unfolding.
It was after that I started relating with the gnomes and faerie beings that live on my land

When I was 30 I had a dream three nights in a row. The dream was going into a cave, a mountain cave, and meeting three men in white robes with white hair and long white beards. They were trying to tell me something.
The first night I did not get what they were telling me but I had a clear understanding of where I had been. The next night I was also aware that I had been somewhere, but again, I did not understand what they were telling me. The third night I woke up and I knew what they were telling me…

Three Minds, One Body

I have never had a dream like that again but all my life I have wondered about the meaning of these words and as different experiences and interpretations of my life surface, I think of three minds and one body.

I thought of body, mind, and spirit

… The three minds in one body that I am working with now are part of self
Barbara —-the personality that deals with the outer world;
the one that has been infused with the consciousness of the earth;
and my I AM presence, my god self
It is a merging of the three minds in one body
that is happening in my life now…

… I knew in the process of being open
receiving the baptism of holy love
I was saying
I relinquish myself.
I open myself
to you God,
in fullness…

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    Barbara is an elder,
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