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Healing Burned Woman

Healing Burned Woman

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Healing Burned Woman


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All have been affected by the burning times when the inquisition killed all freedom thinkers; when herbalist, healers, midwives, wise men and women, those with gifts of seeing the inner world,those relating with living energies and spirits of earth were killed.

All have been affected by the burning times, whether in present or past life experience or the residue within mass mind. There is a fear to be different, to speak one’s truth, to stand out.  In the desire to be accepted one willingly conforms to outer authority, willingly ignores inner guidance, willingly becomes a follower.

It is time to bring this to an end. It is time to Heal Burned Woman, which is the intuitive, feminine, creative aspect of self. This is the urgent call of the time, the need of the moment. All are being asked to wake up and be their true authentic selves, to stand in their Divinity, to heal self, humanity and the earth.


The DVD includes Four Chapters:

Burned Woman’s Story  All have been affected by the Burning Times whether through personal or collective memory. 18 beautiful paintings and text tell of one woman’s experience that is powerful and ultimately healing.

Barbara’s Story   A pictorial journey of her work with the Angels and Elementals of her land. She invites us to recognize and use our gifts to build bridges between the physical and non-physical realms in order to heal self, humanity and the earth.

Nature’s Story   The Gnomes express their need for human recognition and interaction. They say, “we can not go on alone any longer.”

Healing and Awareness Circle   Provides a healing process for individuals or groups to recognize their own way of relating with Spirit.

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    Barbara is an elder,
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    and Words. She is guided
    by a team of Lady Angels
    in charge of healing the
    Feminine in Women and
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