Barbara Thomas

Glimpse Into Another Reality


My soul path and spiritual practice is to interact with the subtle realms of nature. I feel the future of the planet calls for humanity to remember, recognize, respect and relate with the consciousness of nature, the angelic and elemental beings.

My wake-up call came when I first started painting. Gnomes and angels started appearing within the shapes that made up a mountain, a bowl of fruit and finally within the shapes of my abstract paintings. For over 40 years I have intentionally opened to the spirit world to paint the energies and stories that want to come forth.

I am delighted to share my “Glimpse Into Another Reality.”





Barbara with paintings

Paintings are for sale, unless otherwise indicated.
Please contact Barbara for prices.

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  • About Barbara

    Barbara portrait

    Barbara is an elder,
    an artist in Life, Color
    and Words. She is guided
    by a team of Lady Angels
    in charge of healing the
    Feminine in Women and
    Intuition in Men.

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