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Presented by Mary Jane Di Piero on March 3rd, 2014 § 2 comments

Painting by Barbara Thomas

Painting by Barbara Thomas

Brambles! An unfamiliar, uncomfortable medium to walk through. When, after several weeks, I went back to the overrun of blackberries covering a swath of this delicious new land I’m getting acquainted with, I discovered that the Conservation Corps in their work of making fire paths to the creek had cleared corridors, made inroads. The job isn’t finished, but it’s getting close to creating multiple access routes to water, to heightened connection.

For many, the gnome medium is similarly difficult to negotiate and requires a certain open-mindedness and suspension of judgment. With familiarity, what seemed weird or laughable becomes more accessible, and curiosity stands a chance of replacing dismissal. I begin to see how friends who have read the blog, or people I talk with about it, often start making connections with their own experiences and the space they enter when they do creative work or in other ways venture into right-brain possibilities. The ongoing conversations between Mano and Barbara provide more gnome inroads through the brambles covering ready access to natural relationships with the elemental realm and its wisdom.

Mano says, “There are many orders of gnomes and earth spirits that interact with humans. Some humans in more primitive cultures are sensitive to the non-physical world. These original people share a conscious giving and receiving with the consciousness of the earth elementals. Perfect protocol when relating with nature spirits is to say hello and thank you. This opens your consciousness and heart to their presence. From that point, many things can happen. Notice what impresses your consciousness: What do you see, sense, feel, or hear? There are many ways to relate and co-create in friendship with a gnome. You can learn a great deal about the physical body, the choice of foods, the weather, growth of plants. Always ask, ‘How can I serve you? What do you want me to know?’ ”

“We are your team, your workers, partners, and friends,” Mano assures Barbara. “We have been with you from the beginning of time. Remember we are all part of the God-self. The bodies we use to get around and our spirit bodies of light are different. We are not little sprightly men and women. We are wizards who can shape-shift as needed, to work on any dimension in which we are called to serve. Keep refining your identity of your team. Each refinement is a jog in your memory, to what was before and what is now taking place again. There are workers or companions, teachers, and masters who work with you.”

The more basic gnomes work with the roots of plants, with trees and animals,” continues Mano. “They open pathways for the water spirits to move within the earth. They oversee the growth of minerals, which bring balance to the total earth and to earth’s magnetic place in the universe, setting connections between planets, stars, and the earth.”

Barbara affirms that “The companions work with me and, I am sure, with other humans. They are learning and evolving through this service. Some seem to have specific skills. One helps me with computer accuracy, when I remember to ask. I often ask them to go before me and prepare my way so what I need to do will be easy and efficient. They are delightful companions.”

When Barbara asked Mano, her primary teacher, for specific ways to work with him, he replied, “When you see a need in nature, when you are aware of people with body ailments, body limitations, organizations that are not working well, you can call on me and my office of interacting with humans and of perfecting nature’s form. I realize that these sound very different, but they are much the same. One is a form in the natural world, the other a form in the manmade world. Nature made and manmade: very similar. And to talk with me throughout the day would be helpful for on-the-spot interaction. We need you to ask.”

“I would like to do that,” Barbara agrees. “Can someone call me so that my only job is to respond to the call? If I am aware, I will make the call. I am concerned that I will not . . .”

“STOP. Make an intention,” encourages Mano.

Barbara responds: “OK. It is my intention to hear the call. It is my intention to be aware of the need and to call on the nature kingdom for help. I intend to work in partnership more consistently and consciously.”

“Deep within the interior structure of earth are the master gnomes. These beings work with the laws of the universe, moving energies to keep the balance of earth in relationship to the movement of moon, sun, planets, and stars. The master gnomes are working to help Mother Nature move into a higher vibration than she presently holds. To do this, her protégé, humanity, must also move into a higher frequency. It is closely watched and deeply desired for humans to relate with earth spirits.”

When Barbara asks if Mano is a master gnome, he replies: “That is not a term I would use for myself. All who work with you are of the level of master. I am the overseer of this project. I am in charge of the process of calling you and other humans out of your stupor of unconsciousness and back into your soul knowing of earth wisdom and mystery. You might say I am the Master of the Mystery. I wait for your attention. Your requests for help are often shuttled over to my office. You think you are asking the angels and often that request comes to me. It would be in order for you to call on me directly.”






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  • Julie says:

    I’m delighted with your painting of the gnomes in this Blog, Barbara, and in your bringing us the message from the gnomes, Mary Jane. Your writing inspires me to go deeper – it is really quite lovely! Thanks for all you both bring to us through your experiences and Blog, With love to you both, Julie

  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you, Mary Jane and Barbara, for sharing your experiences with us. Thank you, Spirit Beings of Divine Light and Love, for showing us how we may embrace a wider experience of being here on earth.

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