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Learning to Listen, Dialogue, Love by Mary Jane Di Piero

Presented by Mary Jane Di Piero on January 13th, 2014 § 2 comments


Barbara, through many years of concentrating on her interactions with the elemental world, has discerned a pattern of what works for her. She doesn’t assume it as the best procedure for everyone, but when Julie and I visited in November she prepared the following to help us connect. As she made this offering, she also left us in total freedom to use our own intuition and techniques. I think we both ended up using some kind of blend. I continue to refer to Barbara’s protocols, and I’m particularly interested in number 7, which gives a way to leave and come back if nothing is happening. This reminds me that this is a process to be lovingly cultivated, not a quick judgment that “it works” or “it doesn’t work”, that “I can do it” or “I can’t do it”.

Barbara’s communication indications:  From the beginning of my invitation to dialogue, the gnomes asked me to do it at the computer. That way I have a record and can go back to learn and ask other questions. Since I have to move into another part of my mind to dialogue, it is easy to forget what was said. For years I did this in nature, with my back to a tree. Another person does it in the house sitting by his favorite houseplant. My connection is now well established so I can do it anywhere, just by setting up Sacred Space and opening to this established connection.

  1. Get clear about whom you want to dialogue with.
  2. Create a Sacred Space. Mine is the Stillness Chant; some call it the Four Directions
  3. Create a bridge from outer to inner. Visualize a setting. Open your heart for connection.
  4. Name what you want to dialogue about. Be specific. This is to help you focus and to help Spirit know what you want. Out of a 360 degree possibility, at what degree are you to meet?
  5. Prime the pump. Tell what is going on for you.
  6. Notice how dialogue begins. For me the “Second Voice” takes up my thinking with new awareness, insight and information. If this doesn’t happen I ask a specific question. The answer may come with a feeling of yes or no.
  7. If the dialogue doesn’t start, close the session. Don’t hang around trying to make it happen. Tell your partner that you will come back again. Set a time. Ask: Is there any way I can make this easier for you?
  8. Set a specific way to close the session, to release the energies holding sacred space.
  9. Express gratitude. Remember you are in kindergarten if not preschool.

As I completed writing this I tuned in (shifted my focus) and asked: Is there anything else you would like to say? The response came immediately: You are doing fine Barbara.

§ 2 Responses to Learning to Listen, Dialogue, Love by Mary Jane Di Piero"

  • Marsha says:

    Dear Barbara and Mary Jane,

    Thank you so much for this open, free clarity that encourages personal uniqueness in the sacred journey.

    Gratefully, with blessings,

  • Marsha says:

    PS ~ Barbara’s peaceful, inviting painting welcomes one so beautifully.

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