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A Collaboration Begins by Mary Jane Di Piero

Presented by Mary Jane Di Piero on April 22nd, 2013 § 2 comments

Barbara and Mary Jane A few months ago, Barbara Thomas asked me if I would help her write a blog about the gnomes she has been communicating with for many years on her property in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I have been visiting her redwood amphitheater, studio and home for quite some time and have been fascinated by her stories and continually inspired by the place.

This blog idea is not the first offering Barbara has made to tell the story of the connection she has formed through the years with nature spirits. In 2001 she published The Burned Woman, which came to her slowly, first through paintings and much later through the narrative of a woman who was burned at the stake. In 2011 she produced Healing Burned Woman, a DVD that holds the Burned Woman book, Barbara’s own story, the requests the nature spirits are making of humans, and a healing and awareness circle to help people establish rituals of involvement and response.

My ears perked up at Barbara’s request. Since retiring from Waldorf school teaching and administering two years ago, I have been listening for hints and watching for the thread that will lead me to my next body of work. When Barbara told me that Mano, the gnome entity she converses with each day, had recommended me for the job, I was charmed. I have never been recommended by a gnome before! Plus I have never succeeded in establishing my own direct communication with the elemental world, and I was pleased to consider this as an acknowledgement that my sincerity, at least, is on track.

Barbara and I agreed that in this introductory blog we would include a little about her, a little about me and a sampling from the gnomes. This overview of their message is the text from a small, illustrated paper fold-out brochure Barbara frequently gives away.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe gnomes tell me that they want humans to trust their own inner visions and feelings of the subtle world we all live within. When you see a face in the bark or leaves of a tree, open your heart and say hello.

My wake-up call came when I first started painting. Gnomes and angels started appearing within the shapes that made up a mountain, a bowl of fruit and finally within the shapes of my abstract paintings. For more than 40 years I have intentionally opened to the spirit world to paint the energies and stories that want to come forth.

Science is beginning to recognize that the earth is a conscious living being. Human consciousness is an integral part of the earth, just as plants, animals and nature spirits are an integral part of the planet.

THE GNOMES SAY:  We can no longer go on alone. We are in deep need of the nourishment we receive from interacting with the human kingdom, and you are in deep need of us to sustain your lives by interacting with nature.

We need conscious cooperation with humans. Many elemental beings of the earth are sick and in the slumber of a healing crisis. They sleep because they cannot take in any more of the poisons released by human unconscious actions.

Our simplest request is for humans to recognize that the life force within soil, water and the green growing things is a living being. Speak to us, relate and, if you have use of us, give thanks for that gift.

The only way to “hear” spirit is through your heart. We want to urge you to center your awareness in your heart. As you deepen this habit, you will find yourself feeling more nourished in nature and more attuned to the plants and people around you.

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  • Julie Carville says:

    I look forward to reading your Blogs, Mary Jane, and to learning about Barbara’s and your experiences with this realm. So I’d like to subscribe to notifications for new posts, thanks for all that you offer. . . love, Julie

  • Diana Hobson says:

    Dear Barbara and Mary Jane, this is wonderful. I will follow along closely as I work in parallel with my redwoods and the ‘Fragile Memories’ of those ancient trees. The first redwood seeds were found in Antarctica about 240 million years ago and I can’t imagine how such an ancient Nature Spirit will manifest.
    Inspired by you I look forward to finding out!

    Love to you,

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  • Council of Gnomes Blog: A Collaboration

    After years of stimulating Barbara
    to wake up to the reality of the
    elemental beings that are the life
    force within the natural world of
    earth, air, fire, and water, Mano
    first introduced himself to her
    when she moved to the heart of
    a redwood forest. As she was
    walking through the forest he
    appeared within her imagination
    walking beside her. He spoke to
    her by putting his thoughts into
    her mind.

    Over the years this developed into
    Barbara’s recording of their con-
    versations into the computer as
    they occurred. Now, many years
    and hundreds of pages later, he
    is able to communicate with the
    larger world through “HIS” blog.

    Mano asked Barbara to invite Mary
    Jane to collaborate on his blog.
    Mary Jane has been exploring her
    own process of learning to trust
    and relate, incorporating Mano’s
    teaching in the process.

  • About Mano

    Mano portrait

    For the past 26 years
    Mano has been Barbara’s
    constant companion and
    daily teacher. He heralds
    the call for humans to
    wake up, remember, and
    return to interacting with
    the non-physical world of
    angel and elemental,
    expressing gratitude,
    love, and respect.

  • About Barbara

    Barbara portrait

    Barbara is an elder,
    an artist in Life, Color
    and Words. She is guided
    by a team of Lady Angels
    in charge of healing the
    Feminine in Women and
    Intuition in Men.

  • About Mary Jane

    Mary Jane portrait

    Mary Jane Di Piero is the
    author of the Blog. She is
    a retired Waldorf educator,
    a seeker and bridge-builder,
    a holder of paradox. After
    her many years as a technical
    and university press editor,
    she is now striving to
    shapeshift words into spirit.

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