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Introduction to Council of Gnomes

Presented by Mary Jane Di Piero on October 28th, 2011 § 1 comment

Gnome 2My soul path and spiritual practice is to interact with the subtle realms of nature. I feel the future of the planet calls for humanity to remember, recognize, respect and relate with the consciousness of nature, the angelic and elementals beings.

Science is beginning to recognize that the earth is a conscious living being. Human consciousness is an integral part of this living being, just as plants, animals and nature spirits are an integral part of the planet.

The nature beings tell me that they want humans to trust their inner vision and feelings of the subtle reality of the world we live within.

They say, “We can no longer go on alone. We are in deep need of the feeling we receive from interacting with the human kingdom, and you are in deep need of us to sustain your life by interacting with the world of nature.

The simplest request we ask is to recognize the life force within soil, air, water and the green and growing things as a living being. Speak to us, relate, and if you have use for our bodies, give thanks for that gift.”

My wake up call came when I first started painting. Gnomes and angels started appearing within the shapes that made up a mountain, a bowl of fruit and finally within the shapes of my abstract paintings. For over 40 years I have intentionally opened to the spirit world to paint the energies and stories that want to come forth.

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